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Representing a new approach to meeting the unique challenges and opportunities facing growing Chiropractic Offices.

Our strategy, structures and best practices are shared with our clients in an effort to meet the needs of growing chiropractic practices. We provide you with access to an experienced, Certified Clinical Chiropractic Assistant who brings a blend of mentorship, education, research, and years of practical experience in fields such as Office Management, CA development, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Chiropractic Communication and Philosophy. We pride ourselves on personal connection, we want to know the CA's in each office we serve so that we can create a strong, encouraging, interactive support network you won't find anywhere else.

We support the success of Chiropractic Offices around the country through:



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In our module on Professionalism, we tackle 10 key points. It would be easy to get overwhelmed trying to implement them all but I suggest that you write down all the parts that resonate with you (which I hope are all the parts), decide which things you can adopt as your perso... read more

Chiropractic Unicorns: Stop Wishing for an Amazing CA

There are a lot of different ideas about what makes a great Chiropractic Assistant.  She (or he) needs to be grounded in the fundamentals of Chiropractic; she needs to be an excellent communicator, a tactful yet highly effective receivables collector. She needs to be organized and resourceful w... read more

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