We offer Training Specific to Chiropractic Assistants.

Each week we will publish an informal training module in our Private Facebook community. We will cover a wide range of chiropractic topics.  The goal is to introduce new ideas and concepts that can be put into place to help your office operate more efficiently and allow for dynamic growth. Let’s imagine that your office policy is the backbone of your office, you’ll have areas where you are healthy and areas where you’re maybe a little subluxated (I know, you’re either subluxated or you’re not, but just roll with me here). We offer a systems ‘check’ and then opportunities to make gentle, specific adjustments where necessary to improve the overall function, efficiency and development of your office over time.

We offer Support and Encouragement every step of the way.

We are always available to the CA’s in the TPS program and we are committed to helping them learn and grow. We offer a mentor to reach out to for personal attention and support as they take this journey with us.

We offer Experience, Knowledge and Wisdom.

“Good sense, disciplined by experience and inspired by goodness, issues in practical wisdom.” Samuel Smiles

We know just how overwhelming it can be to join the chiropractic mission without the benefit of years of a formal chiropractic education and the fellowship of teachers and peers. We honor the CA journey as a unique one, with its own set of challenges and experiences.  We’ve had the benefit of many years spent amongst both chiropractors and CA’s, working and learning both in an office and within the profession.  Most of the lessons we share were learned the good old fashioned way, by putting in the time, making observations, researching and yes, especially through trial & error.

We offer a safe Community, Perspective and Guidance.

All CA’s enrolled in the TPS program will be invited into our Private Facebook Community where they will be encouraged to ask questions and share their challenges in order to gain perspective and encouragement from the collective group and guidance on how to navigate through any situation. We have a strict policy on positivity and constructive criticism as it is super important to us to maintain a safe, fun space for everyone to grow and expand their knowledge.

We offer Chiropractic Philosophy.

We speak chiropracTIC here. As your CA advances through the program, they will be exposed to the chiropractic principles through metaphors and examples with the intention of preparing them for the advanced module on the 33 Principles. Our goal is to teach them the concepts first, like a thin golden thread intentionally laced throughout our lessons expressed in real life, easy to digest bites.  This will allow them to experience the beauty and truth of the chiropractic principles before they are confronted with “Big Ideas” expressed in BJ’s unique language which, let’s face it, can be challenging even for seasoned DC’s who’ve been dipped in chiropractic principle for years.